An association of public utility

What is the role of the National Association of Pioneers and Volunteer Combatants of the Vercors today? The objectives of the association are threefold.

First of all, to honour and maintain the memory. As such, the association maintains the places of remembrance, organises exhibitions, and disseminates information on what happened in the Vercors and the Dauphiné during the Second World War. The memory of the men who fought in the Resistance is more relevant than ever.

Solidarity between pioneers, towards families… this is another of the foundations of the creation of the association.

Passing on and acting is a third objective.

One of the fundamental roles of the association is to bring to the knowledge of the current generations what was the history of the Resistance, of the women and men who acted for the liberation of a people, but also to take the measure of all the actuality of this fight. In this respect, the association organises and participates in remembrance ceremonies and is particularly interested in the dissemination of information from primary school to university. It has also acquired modern means of communication which enable it to reach a very wide audience.

It also contributes to the development of scientific knowledge by making available to researchers of all disciplines the archive documents it holds, which will make it possible to establish the facts with the scientific rigour that hindsight allows, thus contributing to the knowledge of this period of our history and its extensions in our contemporary societies.

Finally, it takes part in the public debate when it comes to freedom, human rights and democracy.

It is true that knowledge of our history sheds light on the paths of our common future.