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The National Association of Pioneers and Veterans of the Vercors, Families and Friends has decided to make its documentary resources available to families, historians and the general public. Several hundred documents (photographs, texts, reproductions, Le Pionnier du Vercors newsletters, etc.) can be consulted and downloaded here, including exceptional documents, such as the quotation from Eugène Chavant signed by General de Gaulle. This documentation will be regularly expanded. The association calls upon the Pioneers and their families, as well as any person interested in the history of the Vercors Resistance: you can help us to complete the information that accompanies the documents already published and to enrich this database with the archives that you possess. To do so, please contact us.

How to use it. To find documents relating to the Daniel Company, you can enter your search in inverted commas – “Daniel Company” or “Raymond Anne”, etc. – to avoid documents containing the word “Daniel”. – This will avoid documents containing the first name Daniel or Raymond by searching only for the exact phrase. This search engine offers a system of partial matches – a recognised word in a set – which includes searching for the beginning or end of the “target word” (searching for the string “part” will return “partial” and “most” but not “impartial”). You can also target your search to one of the following six categories: photographs, newsletters, etc.